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The Rabbit Hutch Shops Online Pet Supplies Shop is Now open for Business.


I am happy to report that our new online pet store is now live. Please take a look at our new site. Alongside our massive range of Rabbit Hutches we also now sell 1000ís of products for Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Rats, Gerbils, Sugar gliders and more.


We have been adding to our Hutch range all the time and we now stock a wide range of quality hutches alongside those that we manufacture here in Northumberland. If you are looking for tips advice, gossip or all the latest info then check out our new blog.


We now also have a dedicated Cat Supplies Shop, packed full of Accessories, Scratching poles Beds and toys specially for your favourite cat. Take a look at www.TheCatPetShop.com


Here are some of the things you will get on our online shops

  • The Widest Most Relevent Range of Pet Accessories available.
  • The latest Cool Stuff for you Pets
  • Fast Free Shipping.
  • Loyalty Points, Our way of rewarding our loyal customers.
  • Your Goods Delivered Fast and on Time
  • Multi Buy Special Offers on Most Products
  • Easy Returns
  • Every Order Guarenteed
  • Gift Cards
  • Wish Lists
  • Join our Pet Club for all the latest deals and info.
  • The best service on the Net.



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