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The Numbe One Supplier of Winter Rabbit Hutch Covers in the UK!! 100s of Covers in Stock. Fast Delviery from the UKs Number one Online supplier of Rabbit Hutches, Runs and Covers

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Scratch and Newton Launch New Rabbit Hutch Covers!! Scratch and Newton have new sizes Available,  Buy Scratch and Newton Hugger and Snuggle Covers Today to Avoid Disapointment.!

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4ft Rabbit Hutch & Run


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The Best Range of Rabbit Hutches on the Net! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Fast and Free Delivery

All Our hutches and runs have been designed with not only the welfare of your rabbit in mind, but are also, are very practical and built to last. Unlike most hutches available from pet shops and garden centres ours are made from 12mm Redwood Shiplap (not cheaper whitewood), and 32 x 32mm redwood, planed (no splinters) framing. The roof is covered with heavy duty rubber giving a long waterproof life. All hinges and catches are metal, attractive and robust. We use proper galvanised nails and 19g galvanised weldmesh. We treat all outdoor hutches red cedar as standard. To find timber treatment that was safe for use on rabbit hutches we had to contact practically every chemical company in britain. (Contact the Cuprinol technical department and ask them which of there products you should use on your rabbit hutch. They will tell you not to use any of them!!!)

Delivered flat packed with simple assembly instructions Hutches and runs sent out assembled will in most cases arrive damaged, I know this because we used to send them out fully assembled!!!

So why would you buy a hutch from The Rabbit Hutch Shop. Buy one of our hutches and you will get;

  1. A Hutch That Your Bunny Will Be Able To Retire In.
  2. A Hutch With Doors On That Will Open, Close and Fasten This Year, Next Year and For Years After That.
  3. A Hutch That You Will Not Have to Repair.
  4. A Hutch That is Big Enough For Bunny, Even When Bun Grows Up. (Even Most Dwarf Rabbits need a 4ft hutch, Larger breeds should have at least 5' x 2' hutch, they also need room for daily exercise)
  5. A Hutch That is Safe Warm & Dry.
  6. A Hutch that is Easy For You or Buns Owner To Clean Out.
  7. A Hutch That Makes Catching Bun Easy.

Before ordering your Rabbit Hutch please look at our information pages which contain information about general rabbit care and guidelines for selecting a hutch that will most suit your bunny rabbit.

 At The Rabbit Hutch Shop you will find a wide range of rabbit hutches and runs that have been specially designed for your Bunny rabbit. Every rabbit hutch is built using top quality materials and is built to last. Our hutches are suitable for pet rabbits and for rabbit breeders.

We also build indoor hutches, Breeder hutches, and custom build hutches and runs.

 Please e-mail or phone to discuss your requirements.